Our clients are busy, successful business owners, executives and IT & Biotech professionals whose lives revolve around balancing the demands of their businesses, the needs and desires of their families, and their personal aspirations.

Primarily concerned about managing their tax burden and making sure their retirement income will support their desired lifestyle, they also want reassurance that their bases are covered, and they haven’t missed an important opportunity.

Often considered the "Sandwich Generation", providing for both their parents and children, many clients come to us worried that they are not doing enough for themselves and their own future. They come to us seeking investment consulting to make smart decisions with their money; wealth enhancement strategies to mitigate income taxes and maximize cash flow; wealth protection to make certain their assets are not unjustly taken; and wealth transfer to provide for their heirs.

At Bowers Private Wealth Management, we want our clients to find a knowledgeable, objective partner who helps them better prepare for and manage key life transition events, proactively seeks the suitable resources and strategies for their specific circumstances, and enables them to move forward to their future with confidence.

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