I started working with Blaine in 2020, based on the recommendation of a friend. I had already retired and was handling all of my own investments. My only regret about working with Blaine is I should have started sooner. I am convinced my portfolio would be even better than it is had I done that. I feel very comfortable asking him about my financial concerns, and I have been pleased with his advice. Finance is not just his job, I believe it is his passion as well, which is an asset for any financial planner.


Joyce H., Current Client


Blaine has been the backbone of my financial planning strategy since about the middle of my career when I finally realized I needed professional help to protect and plan for my future. BPWM has expertly steered me in all aspects of my financial life.... providing direction on tax management, estate planning, retirement, insurance, and liquidity. I feel as though every available instrument is being leveraged to set my family up for success. I sleep much more soundly knowing Blaine has my back. Now I'm in my peak earning years and the outlook is strong thanks to sound, deliberate, and measured financial activities even in the most uncertain of times.


Chris O., Current Client


I have been working with Blaine Bowers for 20 years. He is always available to answer any questions and cares about the whole person and their life. As my situation has changed over time, Blaine has given me sound advice and direction. As I get closer to retirement, I feel confident that I will be financially secure thanks to the planning we have done. I enjoy working with Blaine and would recommend him to anyone looking for a financial advisor.


Shannon B., Current Client


We started working with Blaine for retirement planning in 2017. Since then, we have had regular meetings every few months, and Blaine has provided great advice. He has managed our retirement funds since we started with him. We are happy with the progress we've made toward our goal of retiring in the next 5 to 7 years. Blaine is concise and does not waste any of your time. He is direct and provides useful knowledge, and we are happy with how he has handled our planning. Thank you, Blaine for everything you have done for us.


Luminita C., Current Client


My husband and I both agree that Blaine has done an outstanding job in managing our investments over the years and helping us plan for our future. We can see and feel his enthusiasm for our progress and the work he does, and it’s contagious! He has truly met his calling.


Dawne T., Current Client


We have been working with Blaine Bowers at Bowers Private Wealth Management (BPWM) for a little over three years. We have been very pleased with the advice, planning, and customer service that he has provided. He has helped us reach some of our financial goals and continues to help guide us towards the rest. Blaine is great at explaining things in terms that most can understand, answering questions, and checking in regularly. Working with Blaine has helped us feel more confident about reaching our financial goals and having security in our retirement years. We would recommend Blaine and BPWM to anyone seeking financial advice to organize their finances, plan for retirement, help grow their wealth, and receive financial guidance.


Kristin D., Current Client


We have been very pleased with our relationship with Blaine Bowers of Bowers Private Wealth Management for the many years that we’ve been working with him. He has helped us to make and reach new goals, and his planning and preparedness has helped provide us with peace of mind as our retirement approaches. His services have helped our portfolio expand, and we believe it’s been well managed through these turbulent times. We highly recommend Blaine as a valuable resource to help you prepare for and navigate your future, no matter what your future goals may be.


Mark & Cathy V., Current Clients


I am not the sort to ever imagine that I might have a financial advisor: freelancer, have lived on and off in a van for many years, avid traveler, and a person who generally prefers to spend money rather than make or invest it. But when I sold my house in 2017, Blaine came recommended as someone who might help me make a plan for how to parlay that income into a sustainable resource for adventures to come. Many years later, I still work with BPWM to manage what has blossomed into a set of responsible investments. He is always kind, patient, and timely with his questions, despite whatever new circumstance or challenge I throw his way. He's eager to help, but also understanding of different lifestyles and priorities. He's the yin to my spontaneous yang, the ketchup to my spendy mustard, the voice of reason and support during stressful times. I would recommend his services without hesitation.


Christina C. – Current Client


Blaine Bowers has been my sole financial consultant for about 20 years. I wish I had started planning when I was younger, but it took meeting someone like Blaine before I could understand the importance of a solid financial strategy. Blaine makes himself available anytime I have a financial question, and he has been instrumental in referring me to other strategic partners who have not only helped me build wealth, but who have also assisted in setting up a future for my estate. I trust and respect Blaine, and feel that working with him allows me to sleep better at night.


Drew L., – Current Client


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