Client Resources & Logins

Consolidated Reporting

MoneyGuide Pro – This is the main financial planning software we use, and the key access point we recommend that our planning clients use. This is the best place to go check on your progress towards reaching your goals and objectives..

Albridge – This is a reporting tool that is updated nightly.  This is used to provide consolidated reports, and various snapshots, of your accounts.  We often use some of these reports in our planning and strategy sessions.   

Custodians & Management Platforms

AssetMark Trust Company– This is one of the asset management platforms that we use. They custody accounts and have a variety of money managers and investment strategies available. You can view your AssetMark accounts here and retrieve tax documents.

Orion Portfolio Solutions– This is a management service and platform that acts as an intermediary between independent financial advisors and custodians to provide a wide variety of money managers and investment strategies. Any Schwab and/or Matrix accounts you have with us go through the Orion platform. You can log into the Orion platform to view your Schwab and/or Matrix accounts, tax documents and other information.  

Charles Schwab & Co– This is the custodian that acquired TD Ameritrade. All the Schwab accounts that we manage, we do so through Orion. Schwab has custody of the accounts that we manage through Orion to conduct investment and planning activities. You can view account information and documents in either the Schwab or Orion portal, but the Orion portal typically has a better overview and reporting.

Matrix Trust Company – This is a custodian that we use exclusively for individual 401(k) plans that are managed through the Orion platform, and you can login to Orion to view your account.

Fidelity – This custodian gives us the ability to manage a variety of accounts using other money managers that we work with including Frontier. Fidelity holds the accounts and generates tax documents.  

Frontier – This is the asset management company we use for many of the Fidelity accounts we manage. They act as our liaison with Fidelity, and provide us with investment management strategies for us to employ within your financial plan. You can view Frontier accounts by logging into Fidelity. 

Pershing – This is another custodian that we use for special purpose brokerage accounts. You can login through the NetX portal to view your accounts and access tax documents.

SEI Private Trust Company – We use this platform to custody assets and access many different institutional asset managers to implement portfolio planning. You can login to the SEI portal to view your SEI accounts and retrieve tax and other documents.