The Introductory Conversations

These conversations help us determine if the BPWM Proven Process is a strong match for your financial planning needs, and if you're a good match for BPWM.


The Discovery Process: Discovering You

This is the ‘getting organized’ meeting. This part of the wealth management process is key in the development of your individualized plan. We help you gather all necessary information to better understand you and your goals.


Guiding Recommendations

This is the BPWM Analysis. We analyze and review the draft of your BPWM plan, covering topics such as your proposed investment strategy, asset allocation and any other recommendations. We welcome your feedback, and make adjustments as necessary.


Partnership Creation

At this point, we want to be sure that any outstanding questions have been answered and any concerns have been resolved. Then we solidify our partnership by reviewing and signing documents as needed to open new accounts, transfer or reallocate assets, and move forward with the implementation of your BPWM Financial Plan.


New Client Welcome & Initiation

For this Planning Refresh, we briefly review the BPWM Proven Process and account statements, and confirm you understand how to access information about your accounts.  We also review the tools, information and services now available to you through your specific investment accounts and BPWM.


Progress Review & Continuing Guidance

We review your progress towards the goals in your plan and answer any questions you may have. We also discuss any significant events in your family and professional or financial life that might require us to amend or adjust your current BPWM Financial Plan.

How We Help Our Firm